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Gutter Cleaning King’s Lynn

GutterPlus provides residential and commercial Gutter Cleaning in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. We’re a small and independent business with years of experience and have received full industry training to clean your gutters safely. Using a ladder that extends three stories high, we clear any debris, leaves, moss from your gutters by hand. This way, we know it’s thoroughly cleaned, which can result in less frequent cleans. We also offer a variety of maintenance roofing in King’s Lynn too.

Our Gutter Cleaning Services in King’s Lynn

  • Residential gutter cleaning
  • Commercial gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repairs

GutterPlus is owned by Sam, who offers a highly professional gutter cleaning service in this beautiful town with 42,800 residents, having expanded from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, following many recommendations. 

If you’d like a quote for Gutter Cleaning in King’s Lynn, please call Sam on 07943 949323 to arrange a time for him to pop round. 

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Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters in King’s Lynn, Norfolk

Gutter Cleaning Kings Lynn Van GutterPlus

Being North West Norfolk, King’s Lynn is open to the harsh weather from the North Sea. With an average of over one and a half inches of snow or rain throughout the year, your gutters need free space to allow the rain and melted snow to travel down the pipes to the drain freely.

Otherwise, any water trapped by debris, leaves and moss, creates additional weight that gutters cannot bear. Consequently, causing external cavity damp or exterior damage to windows, vehicles or people as it gives way. Both can be expensive repairs and cost significantly more than having your gutters cleaned by a professional gutter cleaner.

Benefits of Having Your Gutters Cleaned

Water Damage

Blocked gutters and downpipes due to leaves, moss, and debris prevent rainwater and melted snow from reaching the drain properly. As a result, this dirty water overflows and travels down your exterior walls, making its way to your internal walls, causing damp.

Cracked Foundations

Unfortunately, Norfolk, particularly King’s Lynn, has icy-cold temperatures during the autumn and winter months. As rainwater is blocked from prevented from travelling freely from your gutters, it can make its way into cracks in your property’s foundation. When the temperatures drop below freezing during the night, these cracks expand due to water forming ice. Over time, large enough cracks can cause your home to tilt and become unsafe.

Pest Infestations

Smelly, dirty, clogged gutters due to trapped water mingling with leaves, moss and other debris is a huge welcoming sign for rodents, birds and insects. Avoiding the use of a professional gutter cleaner turns becomes a pest infestation problem.

It’s in our name; we’re more than just gutter cleaners. We offer roofing services, including dry ridge and verge systems, moss treatment and removal, and chimney pointing.

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