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As homeowners, we like to save money where we can, but at the same time, we want to prevent costly expenses down the line. With gutters, if they’re left unattended, they can cause multiple expensive repairs. So, to know whether you can save money today while reducing the prospect of costly bills in the future, you should answer with “No” to all of the following statements.

Plants are growing in your gutters.

If you can see moss on your roof, some have likely detached and fallen into your gutters. Gutters can be damp and cool places for moss and other plants to flourish with a constant water supply, especially the north-facing side of the roof. This is a clear indication that your gutters are forming a build-up of debris, leaves and moss or have already got a blockage.

Water is overflowing from the edges of your gutters.

When there’s a blockage in gutters, water is trapped from flowing freely to the downpipe. This leads to a dam of some sort in your gutters next to the blockage. Eventually, the water will be high enough to overflow on each side of the gutter channel. 

Stains on the external wall.

Unfortunately, we’re prone to wind in the UK, often against us. It means that overflowing water finds itself on the wall of our property. Left too long, it can penetrate any cracks and lead to severally damp walls. It also causes unsightly stains in a vertical direction on the wall too. 

Gutters are bending or sagging or seem less attached.

Sometimes, particularly older gutters in need of replacing, they tend to bend or sag away or down the wall due to the weight it’s bearing from the debris, leaves and moss, plus any blocked water. This will eventually give way, causing extra damage to your soffits and fascias and windows, cars, or people below. In this case, it’s best to get an immediate repair or entire replacement before the soffits and fascia need fixing or replacing too.

Signs of pest infestations

As trapped water from the regular rainfalls in the UK has nowhere to go, it creates a breeding ground for moulds and other fungi. This acts like a magnet for birds, insects, and other pests like spiders and mosquitoes, creating a home. If you see any unwanted visitors near or in your gutters, it’s time to get them cleaned.